Nourish + Savor Spring Reset

April 22-May 5, 2019

with Elsa Perez Dean & Hannah Knapp

Join us for this 14-day act of devotion and self-love done in the company of supportive women. It’s designed to help us listen to the wisdom within our bodies, and let go of what's no longer serving us, physically and emotionally, in order to allow new growth and nurture how we want to feel in our bodies.

This is NOT a fast or detox. This is NOT a weight-loss plan (although by the nature of this whole-food- whole-body plan many women do find that weight begins to come off much more easily). This IS a program designed to reconnect you to what truly nourishes your mind, body + soul so you can feel lighter and brighter…

Why Give Yourself A Reset?

Not only will each of us come out of this process feeling more aligned and in-tune with our physical bodies, but we’ll also be more soulfully aligned with our intentions for renewed health and vitality – total nourishment for mind, body and soul. If you’ve been feeling the desire to “shed” the layers of winter, this is a wonderful way to support yourself!

This Reset is all about community, self-love, and feeling vibrant. At the end of the 14 days, here are the kinds of changes you may notice in yourself:

  • Reconnected to your inner wisdom

  • Significantly reduced or eliminated food cravings

  • Improved energy that lasts throughout the day

  • Deeper sleep

  • Smoother digestion and reduced bloating

  • More emotionally grounded

  • More vibrant and radiant! Ready to enjoy Spring with a loving compassion toward your divine physical and essential body

How It Works

Unlike many cleanses, this one is all about having real food and making a real shift in the kinds of foods you choose to nourish yourself. You eat three meals a day (plus snacks if you need them) packed with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Alongside the real food you'll prepare yourself, you’ll have the option to take supplements to help your body release what you've been storing up, and rebuild.

We’ll support you every step of the way as you reset. Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up:

  • A Nourish + Savor Spring Reset eBook with suggested meal plans, simple whole-food recipes, and stress management & mindfulness tips

  • Two in-person group gatherings to set you up for success, and celebrate together. Before the reset begins, you’ll meet the women of the group, learn about the importance and benefits of whole-body-whole-person resets, and be led in guided meditation and reflection. At the end of the Reset, we’ll celebrate our amazing efforts as we enjoy nourishing foods and discuss next steps to keep the love going.

  • Three FacebookLive gatherings where Elsa and I will offer real-time guidance in nourishment and meditation. These will be available to watch as replays at any time during the Reset.

  • A private Nourish + Savor Spring Reset Facebook group, where you'll be receive daily inspiration from me and Elsa, give and receive support (and share your amazing recipes and photos!), and attend our Facebook Live gatherings. Elsa and I will be checking and responding to posts daily to help with any questions you have throughout the Reset.

  • BONUS – as a Nourish + Savor participant, you’ll have access to these exclusive specials to continue your nourishment + wellness journey:

    • 30% off one service or event price when you purchase your self-care with Elsa in the month of May and…

    • 30% off any package of meditation classes at WITHIN Meditation, my studio in downtown San Francisco.

Who We Are

Hannah Knapp
Elsa Perez Dean

Elsa and I are passionate about helping you nourish yourself.

Hannah Knapp is the cofounder of WITHIN Meditation, San Francisco's first drop-in meditation studio, where she teaches busy professionals simple, effective mindfulness practices to ease their stress, develop their focus, and create more clarity in their lives.  As a wellness mentor, she integrates mindfulness with positive psychology and nutrition to help her clients meet their health goals and develop the inner resilience they need to embrace life's challenges. The mother of two young children, she finds that mindfulness and meditation are a lifeline for being the kind of parent, teacher, and entrepreneur she wants to be.

Elsa Perez Dean is the founder of Nourish. Heal. Shine! and Nourish+Savor  a Bay Area-based practice offering intuitive coaching focused on holistic nourishment, lifestyle, and wellness services and events. Using her diverse background in interior design, nutrition, and feminine wisdom, Elsa guides women back to their inner wisdom so that they may experience their essential vitality and joy. Elsa’s unique approach combines the science of nutrition with the art of intuitive healing - connecting all things beautiful and good for you - making each woman’s experience unique to her body, mind, and spirit. A native of San Francisco, Elsa lives with her husband and teenage son in Walnut Creek where she enjoys yoga, cooking, and all things beautiful and good for her.

What It Costs

$222 for materials & coaching support throughout the 14-day cleanse, plus two in-person gatherings with the other amazing women doing Nourish + Savor.

$75 for supplements that provide extra digestive support (optional).

Getting Started

Details & Dates

Enrollment is now open! Click here to get started.

Registration closes on April 14th at 11:59pm PT.

  • Kickoff Group Gathering: Wednesday, April 17th  at 6:30pm at a private residence in Walnut Creek (details will be sent upon registration)

  • Reset Begins: Monday April 22nd

  • Closing Group Gathering: Friday May 3rd at 6:30pm at a private residence in Walnut Creek

  • Reset Completion: Monday May 6th