Hannah Knapp

Hannah is the cofounder of WITHIN Meditation, San Francisco's first drop-in meditation studio, where she teaches busy professionals simple, effective mindfulness practices to ease their stress, develop their focus, and create more clarity in their lives.  As a wellness blogger, she integrates mindfulness with positive psychology and nutrition to help parents meet their health goals and develop the inner resilience they need to embrace life's challenges. The mother of two young children, she finds that mindfulness and meditation are a lifeline for being the kind of parent, teacher, and entrepreneur she wants to be.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Hannah saw every stage of a start-up life cycle, from the inside. The only non-engineer (and non-male) on the early team of her first tech startup, during her 8 years there she simultaneously developed herself, her career, and the people around her. She was focused exclusively on PeopleOps for the final 3 years, seeing the company through many transitions, including acquisition by a public company and the founders' departure. During that time, she developed a deep passion for building great company culture, which she took to the next level in 2014, when she cofounded InnerSpace, a non-profit that helped early stage startup founders build happy, purposeful and effective teams. 

Hannah loves cooking for herself and her family. All the recipes on her blog have been tested in her own kitchen, by her two boys, Henry and Gilbert, and her long-time partner, Rob. Try them yourself, and see what you think!